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2019-10-29 [ ]

The e-Future of Cities: Between Temptations of Exponential Technology Growth and the Concept of Human City

Members of the SRF/TU Wien team participated at the international scientific conference “The e-Future of Cities” taking place October 24-25, 2019, in Belgrade, Serbia. Researchers of many countries (Serbia, Austria, Slovakia, India, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Netherlands, etc.) contributed to the main topic discussing the importance of technical innovation and digitization in the urban contexts from different perspectives.

In particular, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Giffinger was invited to give a keynote on the chances and risks of Smart City concepts for sustainable and resilient development. Yanli Zhang focused in her presentation on Smart City research in China and Santiago Sanchez Guzman on new technologies (drone based analysis of urban structures) in informal settlements of Medellín, Colombia.

Their contributions are accessible at the webpage of the Conference
The program was dense but gave opportunity for interesting discussions. The Conference was very well organized and provided good opportunity for networking with colleagues from different cities and universities.